Top 5 For Falling Behind

HomeworkSo for those of you who are students like me, you might appreciate this post. How many of you have fallen so behind on your school work, you feel like you’re drowning and just can’t seem to find your way back to the surface? *Raises Hand High In The Air* I’m going through that right now. Heck, this blog post is a day late, but maybe it will be so awesome that I won’t get in that much trouble for it. Who knows. Anyways, I have created this Top 5 on How to Catch Up When You Fall Behind. Some are my ideas and some I found from other sources. Maybe it will help you and maybe it won’t. I know some of it helps me and some of it doesn’t, but this blog isn’t for me. It’s for all of you out there.

blog-checklist5. Set Goals and Reach Them
Set yourself some realistic goals on a daily basis. If you think that you’re a week behind, try to figure out how many hours you think it will take to get caught up. Set the appropriate goal for what you want to accomplish each night and stick with it. The most important thing is sticking with those nightly goals. These are your stepping stones to the big goals. It won’t take long to reach them and eventually you’ll be caught back up. It might seem like it will take forever, but it’s better than cramming everything in one night, right?

4. Modify your Scheduleschedule
You will likely need to set aside some extra time to get caught up so start taking steps to do that. The earlier the better. If you need an extra hour each night to catch up, be sure that you let your family know that and make the needed arrangements. Plan out easy dinners, set your favorite TV shows to record- so you’re not distracted by the desire to go watch them, and do anything else you need to do to fit your extra time into your schedule. This also means… *gasp* turning OFF the cellphone. Dun dun dunnnn.

dorm_tv3. Eliminate Distractions
Distractions are the enemy when you’re a student, and they’re even worse when you’re behind. Whether it’s Facebook, your family, a favorite TV show, or something else, make sure that you eliminate all distractions. Five minutes spent messing around on Facebook is five minutes of studying you could have accomplished, and every time you break your concentration because of some distraction you’ll end up facing the task of getting back into the groove. You’re better off if you’ll just set your goals and ignore all distractions until the task at hand is completed. It’s not that difficult when you get the hang of it. I haven’t personally mastered it yet, but like I said before, this isn’t for me. I am the queen of… Ooooo look a butterfly. See what I mean.

2. Relaxbhj_relax_centrum_interier
This is an obvious step but one that is so important it needs to be mentioned. If you’re behind then it’s very easy to let your stress and worry influence your lessons. Trust me. You’ll end up rushing through them without fully understanding the subject and your grades will likely suffer as a result. Instead, remember to calm down and focus on what’s ahead of you. If you’ve contacted your teacher you’ll likely have less stress already. Relax, don’t panic, and the results will be much better.

meeting-color1. Contact the Professor
If you’re falling behind, contacting the professor is always something you can do. Well hopefully. While those who are just a short assignment or so behind can usually catch up without much trouble, those who are significantly behind will want to let their professor know. Explain the situation and what has happened and you’ll be surprised at how understanding your instructor will usually be. They’ll help ease your mind and get a bit of the stress off your shoulders so that you can focus on what’s important – catching up. Try it. They may surprise you.