Homework vs. TV


Anyone else have issues with focusing on homework when the TV is on? I know I’m the first to admit that. In fact, it’s happening right now as I write this post. I started my homework at noon and it’s now what 10:15pm? I am the queen of this homework vs. television concept. It got me thinking though… how do you fight off the urge to do this? I know for me, all I wanted to do is sit around and watch Veronica Mars. But I knew I had work to do. As bad as this advice sounds, maybe taking all day to do work isn’t the worse idea. I started at noon and am just finishing up… and I only had 2 assignments to do. Basically, this is what I do. I do a little bit of writing… then watch TV. I switch off. I know most teachers would frown at this but common… let’s be real? This is how most students are. Now obviously, not everyone can relate to my ideas. I have the brain of an ADHD person, so my methods of study are a little different than other peoples. Give me your thoughts about this people of the studying world. Also, check out this HuffingtonPost article I found. Some of the tips in it I hear are really helpful.


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