Vacation Is A Must

So I was surfing the web just now and came across this great article on Yahoo’s homepage. The title was “10 Tips To Plan Your First Romantic Getaway“. Little cute articles like this always catch my attention, but this one really got me thinking… Yeah I know, a lot of things get me thinking.

When people are as busy as we are, sometimes it’s really hard to take a break from work and school and make sure we take time for ourselves. Heck, that’s what this whole blog is about… balance. But maybe this article has a few good points. Tip #2 says to make the trip a quick one. That’s sometimes all you need. I’ve talked a few times about making sure the people in our lives feel important. But we only focused on this little things you can do like make breakfast. We never talked about the things we can do that really take time… like a vacation.

Yes, it’s extremely difficult to take time out of your life for things like a vacation, but maybe that’s what we need to do. Find a time where maybe a few days off isn’t the worse thing. Take me for example. I have my spring break coming up the first week of March. My plan was to work the whole time. But then I thought about the fact that my boyfriend hasn’t gotten to go to the country in a while to see his family and I know it sucks for him. So, I am increasing my hours leading up to it so that I am able to finally take time off so that we can travel to see his family. It won’t be for too long, but I know it means a lot to him.

We also need to realize that taking a vacation doesn’t mean be on our phones all day. All guilty parties raise you hand… *hand raised*. This is tip #6 in the article. Enjoy the little free time you have and put the phone down. It will mean a lot to the people around you.

That’s my little rant of the moment. Let me know what parts of the article stand out to you.


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