A New Direction

Sorry I’ve been kind of AWOL the last few days, but you know how it is (unless this is your first time reading this blog). Let’s see… what have I been up to the last few days since my last post. Hmmmm. School’s picking up, work at the TV studio is picking up, life with the boy is going a little smoother, I quit one of my three jobs… WAIT WHAT! Oh yeah… you read me right. The girl who blogs about her life being insanely busy and crazy has somewhat made her life easier. Don’t worry loyal fans out there, this blog is far from over. I have just decided to take this blog in a new direction.

When I was first given the assignment to start a blog, I wanted to use it as a chance to basically be able to bitch about how much it sucks to work a lot while go to school. But as I started writing, I realized I wasn’t really doing that. Instead, I was using my posts to come up with ideas on how to make my life easier… and in the process, I ended up helping others who were feeling the same pressures of life.

When I stress out, I feel like the only way to make myself feel better is to vent about it. I think that’s most people natural reaction to stress. But this blog has taught me that if you vent ideas on how to overcome the stress, you will find you feel a little better about yourself. When I wrote the Stuck at a Crossroad post, I mentioned that there were a few things I needed to work on as far as my relationship, and making sure my boyfriend feels as important as everything else in my life. Well since that post, I have definitely noticed a difference in how I treat him. I make sure he knows all the time how much I appreciate him and have been trying to do little things to prove it. Perfect example… he has military training this week in Harrisburg and had to be out the door by 4:15 this morning. I got up with him to make sure he had everything packed and just tried to make his morning easier. He said he really appreciated it. Yes I lost some sleep, but to see him smile and hear him say that to me made it completely worth it. There is always time for the people who matter most.

So this blog is getting an uplift. Instead of venting, I am going to focus on how to give advice to not just the readers out there, but to myself too. As of now, you’re no longer reading the words of a crazy person… but the words of someone who is learning that staying focused on the positive will make life so much easier.


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