Chip On My Shoulder

I apologize now to all my readers who are not musical theater fans… but I feel like this song is completely appropriate for what a lot of us are going through. This is a scene from Legally Blonde the Musical with the song “Chip On My Shoulder”. The title of the song should automatically give away what it’s about. Elle’s friend Emmett explains to her that he worked a lot while going to law school, but knew it would all be worth it so that he could make his mom proud and prove to everyone that he can do the lawyer thing. He says that pressure is his chip on his shoulder. I don’t know about you, but I feel the same way.

I feel like I have something to prove to everyone out there. My goal in life is to be a morning news producer for Good Morning America, and I am going to do anything I can to make it happen. That’s why I left my home in sunny San Diego to come to cold Pittsburgh. Here I knew I would learn and become the best producer I could be. People say I’m nuts for leaving home and putting myself through all of this pressure when I could have stayed at home and gone to a local school. But that wasn’t possible. I knew to be the best I had to leave and spread my wings.

Now I know another thing you’re thinking… why doesn’t your family help you out while in school? I get that question a lot. The answer is simple… they can’t. I’m not going to go into a ton of details to respect my family’s privacy, but let’s just say money is a tough thing for us. We don’t have a large income and everything that is earned goes towards paying for our home and other necessities. Emotionally though… I have the most supportive family I could ever ask for. But in the past, it didn’t feel that way.

In high school, I wasn’t the best student. I graduated with a 3.3 GPA, but I was lazy and hated school. To be honest, a lot of people were surprised when I even mentioned the idea of going to college. They always joke with me about it now that I’m in my senior year of college, but I know that at one point, them saying “we never thought you would go to college” wasn’t a joke. It was the truth. That’s the chip on my shoulder. I am going to prove to them that I can do this. I can make school, and work, and everything else in my life happen because I have something to prove. But I also have another person to prove it to… myself.

I never thought I could do it. I never thought I would see a college campus… never the less see my final semester of senior year. This chip is what keeps me going. People say the chip is a bad thing… but to me… it’s what drives me to be everything I can be. So I ask you readers out there, find that chip. Sometimes it’s just what you need to push you to your goals. It nags you at times, but it’s a constant reminder of what the future holds.

So next time you feel stressed, listen to this song. I can almost promise it will make you feel a lot better. It works for me… so maybe it will work for you. Feel free to comment your chips and what they mean for you. I would love to hear.


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